Last week I announced Fresh 48 sessions & figured now is a perfect time to dive into talking about the session that typically follows, the newborn lifestyle session! I have been doing these sessions for about a year now & have fallen completely in love with them!

Lifestyle newborn sessions are quite a bit different than your typical newborn session. Even though I have been doing them for awhile, I still get all kinds of questions about them! This blog will explain what they are as well as give you tips on how to prepare for one if you decide this type of session is for you!

I aim to do these sessions within 10-14 days of the babies birth. My favorite part of lifestyle sessions are that they are designed to capture you in your home doing your normal, daily activities! Snuggling your new baby, rocking them, feeding them or even giving them baths! They are much more laid back than a normal newborn session.

I am a natural light photographer so that means we use all window light, so when scheduling your session, I will ask when your home is the brightest. For most clients, this is in the morning, between 9-11am. To prepare for sessions, I always ask parents to try and keep their little ones awake for as much of the morning as possible and to hold off on feeding them until just before the session starts. This will help ensure they stay asleep for the session & have nice full bellies! It’s perfectly fine if they decide to stay awake for their session, too!

Once I arrive to the session, I usually have mom or dad give me a little tour of the home, I ask to see any areas with big windows or brighter lighting. We usually hang out in the nursery, main living area and master bedroom. You don’t need to clean for the session but making sure any clutter is removed from the rooms that we might be in the most will be helpful! Then the fun starts, sessions are usually an hour to an hour and a half long. The images below are what you can expect to see with a typical lifestyle session!