Jessy was a bridesmaid in one of my weddings from 2017 & had two of my former brides in her bridal party! I absolutely love when I get to work with couples who have been apart of weddings prior to theirs! This also meant that I knew some of the bridal party, which makes for a fun day! We started in Dexter where they said their vows at the church Nick grew up going to then made our way back to the Black Barn in Rives Junction! I absolutely love this venue! We joked that the last thing they ever expected was to have a snowy wedding in November! They had a bonfire pit set up, thinking it would be a chilly fall day. I have to say, I’m so happy with the curve ball the weather threw us! I have wanted to photograph a snowy wedding for so long! These two didn’t disappoint, Jessy’s stunning dress was gorgeous in the snow! By the time we headed in for the reception, her shoes had a layer of ice 1 inch thick stuck to the bottom of them! If that doesn’t tell you what troopers these two are, nothing will! Enjoy a preview of their day! <3