I have some super exciting news! Remember in my last blog I had mentioned there were new exciting things coming this year? Well here is one of them!! Fresh 48 sessions! There are so many things about newborn babies that I love, but those first few hours after they have just entered into the world are my absolute favorite. Their sweet newborn cry, their soft, flaky pink skin, innocent yawns and all of their other newness that seems to change so fast, those are my favorite moments to capture.

These sessions are all about capturing images that show off the baby’s newness. They are of the newborn in the raw. No fancy poses or editing, just them and all of their cuteness! These are great for parents who want pictures while their sweet babes are brand new or who want the first time their newest addition meets their older siblings to be caught on camera. My goal with the fresh 48 collection is to spend a half hour in the room with you and then deliver your preview images back to you within 2 hours of the session for you to use as an announcement picture!

These are super easy to prepare for, you or dad just let me know when baby is here and we choose a time for me to come up for the session. They are short and sweet to not interfere with bonding or the nurses needing to pop in and out! Just having a newborn myself, I understand how invaluable that time there is! Parents can choose to be apart of the session or not, whatever they are comfortable with!

I am so excited to be able to offer these sessions, I think they are so important to have and be able to look back on. Those first few days fly by so fast and between endorphins from delivery, sleep deprivation and learning all about this new little human you’ve brought into the world, this is a great way to freeze some of those moments!